Tuesday, July 25, 2023

STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS the beautiful and kind artists of art fight(, and russian outsider house)

 Hey, it's me tom. I'm very much busy with [eugh] online summer school right now (my grades are good I swear), so I haven't been able to work on creating things, or composing music, let alone drawing for ArtFight. Sorry to any fellow artístes (artists in French) who were expecting revenges from me. Yeah, it's nowhere on otter.men that I'm doing ArtFight, but it's not that I've even had the time to work on any attacks at all anyways. People are doing attacks for my young chainsmoker man dek and, while I absolutely love it, it sucks that I can't really "fight" back or do something cool in return, and I really don't wanna seem like one of these art whores who hoard art and do nothing, it is the "art trade game" after all. I do plan to draw for the peeps, probably outside of AF, but best I can do is show you their drawings, they're super cool and I'm glad they took the time of day to envision their own depictions of my characters.

Now for rambling about another subject: rIght now I'm listening to Lil Ugly Mane Akira S & as Garotas Que Erraram, but a bit ago (a day maybe) on a quest to find cool new music to study to, I stumbled upon the weird and experimental house scene of Russia. I had already known about AL-90 (Code-915913 is one of my favorite electronic albums of all-time, but that's another can-of-soup I'm willing to talk about another day), but I found the works of Paul Hares and 88b. through my streaming service of choice and instantly fell in love. Fascinated, I looked up their names on RateYourMusic (like I do as usual) and stumbled across this list for Russian outsider dance music, along with a link to an article about the scene. It's an interesting read, you should check it out. Of course, I haven't had the time to do proper research, meaning that I don't have much to talk about, so I'll just leave these links here for now.

Ok I should get back to studying, see ya.